Right after the 9/11 attacks, President Bush delivered a halting, fumbling speech in Barksdale, Arkansas. This fact challenges the popular myth that after 9/11, he was a calm, confident leader. As you'll see later in DIES IRAE, it's listening to this speech on TV that first makes Steve suspicious. Listen to an MP3 of the actual speech here.

Below is a list of sites that deal with the man cited in a 2004 British poll as "the most feared man in the world":

George W. Bush, Jr.--The Dark Side is a great place to start.

Spain's personal recommendation: Scorecard of Evil, an amazing day-by-day account (and record) of the depradations of the Bush Administration.

The Smirking Chimp has excellent articles.

The Dubya Report, as advertised, gives you the real George W. Bush. proves there's dirt under every Bush.

Welcome to the White House is a hilarious site that pokes shameless fun at the vicious antics of the Bush Administration. Our personal favorite from the dark days after 9/11 is the Patriotic Poster that reads: "He volunteered for a beer run--he ended up running the world!" Read it and weep, baby.

Here, horrifyingly enough, is real White House site. Can you tell the difference? Which is Camp? Which is the true master of the put-on?

Bash the GOP Top Sites: A veritable cornucopia for Bush-haters--and that's the best kind!

Evil GOP Bastards pulls no punches.

BuzzFlash collects opinions from a wide variety of left-wing Democrats. Consistently presents some of the best criticism of Bush and his outrages.

Cursor.Org presents in-depth news analysis that few others do.

Common Dreams News Center presents breaking news, as well as thoughtful and sometimes very moving analysis from a progressive viewpoint. Very anti-Bush.

It's the Library of Alexandria of the Left--it's ZNet! Check out Z Magazine and its amazing archive of left-wing articles of interest.

Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! always has penetrating news to report. is for fighting progressive Democrats. We used to call ourselves liberals.

Justin Raimondo's hates war, and it's not afraid to show it.

Radio host Jeff Rense always runs contrarian news items. Some can be dismissed as "offbeat" or put-ons, but others are shockingly real. Often news you see nowhere else.

Michael Moore, everyone's favorite left-wing wiseguy, knows what questions to ask, like: was Bush guilty of desertion in the National Guard? For that alone, Mike deserves the thanks of a grateful nation. For exposing Bush to the world in his brilliant Fahrenheit 9/11 and revealing the financial links between the Bushes and the bin Ladens, he practically deserves a spot on Mount Rushmore.

Alexander Cockburn's CounterPunch shows that the philosophy of the British New Left is not dead.

The Guerrilla News Network offers a bold, left-wing point of view.

Unknown News is outstanding.

This news site tells you What Really Happened.

The Village Voice consistently reports the alternative view.

ElectronicIraq.Net gives us news we wouldn't otherwise receive from President Bush's latest oil-drilling adventure. exposes the Project for the New American Century, the extreme right-wing think tank that asserted in 1998 that America needed "a new Pearl Harbor" to unite it. Its members now run the foreign policy of our country.

"The Project for the New American Century is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that American leadership is good..."
WARNING: this is PNAC's actual Website. Its attitude is shockingly un-American and anti-democratic, and it reeks of totalitarianism. And you thought that fanatics dedicated to world domination only existed in James Bond movies.

MoveOn.Org has been very effective in mobilizing discontent against the criminal Bush regime. Don't mourn, organize!

He's the victim of the biggest media hatchet job since George Romney, but let's not forget the great Howard Dean, the man who woke up America. Last year he alone of major American politicians opposed The Death Machine. The shocking way his simple "Yay!" in Iowa was overblown--and overplayed--shows what happens if you oppose media conglomerates. Howard Dean is a real patriot. The latest news and pronouncements from the man whom most Americans wanted to be their President in 2000. Who ever thought America would have a President-in-exile?


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